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Pet Bloggers Journey 2021

Pet Bloggers Journey 2021


The Pet Bloggers Journey is a Blog Hop for the pet blogging community to share their experiences for the year.

Special Thanks to Everyone Participating in The Pet Bloggers Journey 2021

Pet Bloggers Journey 2021 is a blog hop, hosted by Colby from PuppyInTraining.com. Every year the Pet Blogging Community shares their insights and accomplishments.

All of us have been through so much chaos this year in a global pandemic. I am actually very excited to see how creative everyone has been.

I would like to start by thanking Colby Morita of Puppy In Training for hosting this amazing event. And everyone else for participating! Wishing you all health and prosperity for this coming new year!

Our 2020 Journey From Last Year

The last Journey I participated in I had only been blogging for a few months. It has been a great year with lots of stuff to share with my fellow pet blogging community! In case you missed our last year’s blog hop you can read my previous Pet Bloggers Journey 2020.

I am looking forward to any new pet bloggers to join our Journey! So if you haven’t joined in Be sure to Go to Colby’s Page from Puppy in Training to join the blog hop.

*Disclosure: I only recommend products I would use myself and all opinions expressed here are our own. This post may contain affiliate links that at no additional cost to you, I may earn a small commission. Read full privacy policy here.“

The Pet Bloggers Journey 2021 Questions

Question #1

1. When did you begin your blog and what do you currently write about on your blog?


I began my blog in September of 2019 called the Pet Frenzy Community. My blog is a place I share information and posts on Pet Care, Animal Rights in Canada, Product, and Service Reviews. And Some Pet Blogging Tips. I also aimed to help raise awareness and occasional funds for non-profit organizations.

Which this year I have done this by creating the 2021 Pet Frenzy Calendar and Online Support Wear Store. My whole purpose is to raise funds needed for those in our pet community that really need the support.

My inspiration for the Pet Frenzy Community Page

For those that are new, I was inspired to start the blog after losing our two senior dogs and my mother in such a short time. It really did start out as a project to keep me busy. In honor of them, we had adopted a dog that would normally be overlooked.

Especially because she had severe fear-aggression. She had no social skills and did not trust humans at all of any age. In summary, after two years of professional help from a behavioral specialist and trainer, we were able to turn our beast into a big lovebug!

From that point on I had the motivation to create the blog into something that can benefit other rescue dog/cat owners and rescue organizations. I have also spent 10 years helping TNR feral cats and being their voice in our community.

Question #2

2. Name one thing about your blog, or one blogging goal that you accomplished during 2020, that made you most proud.


I actually was just reviewing my lost year journey. I was so new I had no external factors nor did I have much traffic. Or even a direction to be honest. I am most proud of turning my blog into a great portfolio as well as increasing my traffic and external factors.

By doing this I was able to generate a fair income and employ myself throughout this global pandemic with some small freelancing services and posts. I really didn’t know how to monetize my website last year. I had no real direction at that point it seemed.

Although, I do make much more money freelancing. I still want to focus more on my blog this year. As a new website, most of you are probably wondering where I ended up. I seem to be a pile of confusion when I first started. No direction. Just a pet blog! This year I have been able to accomplish some great goals I mentioned last year. So for all of you who are wondering.. here it is…

My year in review:

  • Provided some honest reviews in exchange for some great products and brands. However, I do agree with Colby last year when he did say he believed that we should get paid for these as well. After all the work and doing two, I couldn’t agree more with Colby! It was time-consuming. So I will be charging for this in the future.
  • Finally able to create better quality posts that ranked higher on google. It has helped increase traffic and visibility.
  • I started using all the social platforms I possibly can (Even though I am still learning them) Yes I know I need to learn how to use Pinterest and Instagram better. I am just diving in right now. But yes this a goal I plan to keep working on.
  • I was asked to do some paid posts. This covered all my costs of hosting and other plugins I was using for the whole year.
  • We have also been able to partner up on some giveaways this year!
  • Increasing my traffic and domain authority, SEO, and SERP by taking the Google Analytics Certification course.
  • Created a couple of projects that would help generate funds I can use to donate to the much-needed non-profit organizations out there helping all our furry friends.

Question #3

3. Which of your 2020 posts was most popular with your audience? Why do you think it does so well?


My most popular post was Pet Food Banks and Resources in Canada. I think the first day I had over 100 shares. It has now been shared over 381 times. I believe it became so popular because it was a resource for others to find pet food banks specifically for their area. Even though I had not spent any money on promoting the post it has done very well.

As you can see below I manage to still rank first on the search for Pet Food Banks in Canada. Being the number one post out of 19,800,000 is something I am very proud to have done my first year.

Pet Food Banks in Canada SERP- Best post for 2020

I do keep the list up to date at all times. This experience made me realize what my audience wants to see on my website. So I was able to create a few more in my Animal Rights Section of my website. I do hope to expand this section this coming year. I definitely have a few things planned for this part of my website this coming year!

Pet Food Banks in Canada- Pet Blogger Journey most shared post

A few other posts that are great resources for anyone in Canada.

Question #4

4. What was the biggest blogging challenge you faced in 2020, and how did you tackle it?


My biggest blogging challenge I faced in 2020 was building credibility and traffic to my website. Not to mention finding a direction. I overcame this by networking with other bloggers. My website this year has helped me get some great freelancing gigs. Which covers all my costs and more. But my website is my main focus this year! Which half still gets put toward my fundraising efforts.

Furthermore, I learned how to use Google Analytics, and got myself certified, and learned what was working and what wasn’t working. Therefore I could create Pet Frenzy geared toward my most traffic and their search results. Now finally having a direction I want to go from studying what is bringing traffic to my site. And what my audience wants to see more of.

Comparing to the Pet Bloggers Journey 2020

Last year my external factors were only 25 percent. This year I was able to accomplish 100% on my External Factors. This made my domain authority go up.

Having good quality backlinks and referring websites. As you can see there aren’t many, but the quality of your referring domains and backlinks do matter. I really didn’t think I could accomplish this in one year. I also got rid of a lot of backlinks that were not benefiting my website.

Pet Frenzy Backlinks
Pet Bloggers Journey 2021 Pet Frenzy SEO results
seobility results

-Source- Seobility You can check any web address to see the SEO of the website. And best of all it is FREE to use.

Not only did I learn all about SEO, now my SEO is 94% or higher sometimes!! I spend a lot of time with keyword researching and writing better quality posts than when I first started blogging. I also found joining pet owner groups on Facebook helped me find some great topics on common questions others have in these groups. It really does help when you get writer’s block.

Question #5

5. Tell us one thing you learned in 2020 that can help us all become better bloggers.


Navigating through this 2020 Pandemic I have learned a few things to become a better blogger. One thing is to fix all the issues that would affect my SERP and SEO. What good is it to spend hours blogging when no one can find your posts right? There are literally millions of websites to compete with.

I also believe there was no fast way to earn big money. Patience and perseverance have started to pay off. I am finally finding the direction I want to go to and it has made me a better blogger in the long run.

My number one tip is to take advantage of the programs out there besides Moz and Google. SEMRush, GTMetrix, and Seobililty are my go-to ones. Fix all the issues they imply and do your research. I also found using ask the public helped me come up with some great posts. It will help you see how many people search for that topic. Besides researching my competitive posts to achieve a higher SERP. Another great tool I have used is the Headline Analyzer in WordPress.

SEMrush's Listing Management

The other lesson I have learned is to follow the trends and embrace the changes that come with them. Surprisingly my blog grew throughout the pandemic.

Question #6

6. What are your top three goals for 2021?


Since I make most of my earnings by freelancing, My Top Three Goals for 2021 are directed more on finding my niche and what is working. Ultimately I would like to focus on these three things:

  1. Adding more resources to my website. Focusing on helping pet owners find these resources. Using these pages to generate funds to help the community.
  2. My second goal is to participate in more paid product reviews and collaborate with others more on giveaways and other fortuities on my website. After all, I am trying to monetize my site to help others.
  3. Finally to work on building enough traffic to expand my opportunities for raising funds for the pet communities in need, Creating educational and resourceful posts for the pet owners and pet rescues by collaborating with other professionals.

Question #7

7. In the perfect world, where do you see yourself and your blog 1 year from now?


In this perfect world, I can see my website growing this year. I hope to have grown my website into a valuable resource for rescue pet owners. Creating new ways and funds to help more animals in need. I also hope to have an ebook available this next year on how to start your website and blog under $100. I have journalizing everything since I started. Hopefully, it can be valuable to someone that is starting out but can’t afford to invest full time into their blog.

Embracing Changing Trends

Overall we have all had to adjust to the changes in 2020. But being a pet blogger the trends seem to keep growing in our favor. With so many adoptions and fosters of new pets. Chewy.com stated in their interview with CNBC that they reported over a 45% increase in sales.

According to CBC News, the pet industry has grown 5% this year alone. So by helping local businesses and reviews on products have actually increased for me as well. Allowing me to post more resources for the pet community. In short, it has increased my traffic quite a bit.

Pet Bloggers Journey 2021 Pet industry sales

Question #8

8. If you had a $1,000 to spend on your blog how would you spend it?


If I had $1000 to spend on my blog it would be to upgrade some of my most used plugins. I would use some of the funds to advertise on my social media platforms. Above all, to host a giveaway /call to action to support local pet communities, pet food banks, and rescue resources in need. I would mainly want to turn that 1000 dollars into more for my fundraising projects.

Question #9

9. What is one skill you’d like to learn or improve in 2021?


According to GrowthBadger, Higher-income bloggers publish videos, use paid promotion, and collaborate with others much more frequently than sub-$50K earners do. Furthermore according to Finance Online – Successful bloggers that make over $50,000 have placed their focus on their quality of content, eye-catching headlines & intros, SEO, email subscribers, and blog design plus performance, among others. 

So what I would like to really learn this year is how to pave the path to becoming a higher income blogger over a few more years to come. I plan to move forward improving my content mainly. Doing more videos as many of you mentioned you were going to start doing. So I am anxious to hear how that went this year. I managed to put 3 videos together this year on some reviews. I love it but it is very time-consuming.

“haha! I don’t expect to get rich anytime soon.” Especially since my goal is to help others. My main goal has been building a secure, strong site with good quality posts for my portfolio this past year. Furthermore, I need to improve my website by securing my place in the market for the future. Focusing on improving my skills to offer more services.

Question #10

10. If you could ask the pet blogging community for help with one challenge you’re having with your blog, what would it be?


Because this is only my second year of blogging or even having a website. I wanted to ask the “experienced pet bloggers” out there to think back to when they first started and with what they would have known back then what would you change and suggest I focus on.

I haven’t invested anything except hosting, WordPress plugin fees for my website. Although, I have managed to earn a small amount towards my fundraising projects. It really costs me $0.00 to run. This year I want to make a change. Especially now that I have a direction I want to go and funds to re-invest.

I have heard you can start a blog with no money and well I have proven that to myself so far. It takes time and a lot of hard work. Now it’s just how to utilize it to how I need it. That is why I am building my Pet Blogging Tips section for my ebook. I eventually want to expand in this but that will take a few years to build. It is in the making at this point.

So my next step this year is to create the blog into a site that I can really make a difference in the pet community. But of course, I need to find ways to monetize my site more. I have thought about becoming a dealer in a specific product. But wanted to ask the blogging community first. Remember this is not for my financial gain but for the financial gain of rescue resources and pets in need out there. (Using the chart below from Growth Badger) So I chose this question for you all this year:

Ways I make money currently from my blog are:

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Google AdSense
  • Providing Freelance Services
  • Paid Review Posts in the Pet Blogging Tips Section from some of WordPress Plugins

The funds I have raised is not enough to make any difference. Any suggestions? And what do I need to invest in next to grow? What affiliate programs do you find work the best?

I will probably never do calendars again. I managed to send everyone that participated with a small token of my appreciation. But it did take away from my purpose of the fundraiser. Leaving me with such a small amount to work with when I decide which organization I plan to assist this year.

Although I do have a very long professional background in Accounting, Web development, Marketing, and Sales. I am very new to fundraising and ideas.

Pet Frenzy Community Support Store

Final Note -Pet Bloggers Journey 2021

Thank you in advance for all your opinions and suggestions!

For anyone that doesn’t know me, My name is Bren, I am the creator of the Pet Frenzy Community Page. I value each and every one of you in the Pet Blogging Community!

It has been such a great experience learning from all of you in our last Journey together. I am always open to networking with each and every one of you!

Please feel free to reach out to me at any time to collaborate! Altogether, I am fun, friendly, and very open to new opportunities!

Here are some great companies we were able to Collaborate with so far!

Companies Pet Frenzy has collaborated with

Participants in the Pet Bloggers Journey for 2021

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Pet Frenzy Community
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  • Your blog looks fantastic I would not have known you just started it not too long ago. It looks like you know what direction to go. That’s amazing. Thank you for sharing and see you on the interwebs.

    • Thank you Hannah for such kind words and for stopping by. I loved reading about your Journey this year as well. Very inspiring!

  • Hi Bren, it’s nice to virtually meet you & your princess puppy girl!

    Huge congrats on your Pet Food Banks & Resources In Canada post.

    I also started using the Headline Analyzer in 2020, and it’s such a helpful tool, along with the Yoast SEO plugin.

    To answer your question about how I’m making money on my blog, it’s a mix of selling my own 3 ebooks on raw dog food (60%) and affiliate income (40%). By no means am I as experienced as Colby, but one day, I’d like to become a full-time blogger with a decent passive income myself. He’s certainly an inspiration!

    Happy blogging!

    • Wow thank you so much, Barbara, it is a pleasure to meet with you too 🙂 Congrats on your Ebook! Thank you so much for the kind words and answer to my question this year! That is so helpful! I agree Colby is providing such a great service and very inspirational as well. Wishing you all the best this next coming year!

  • You are way ahead of me in your research about income through blogging and to compliment you on your writing gigs and the many things you have tried and succeeded in. Very few newbies know so much about SEO or the various means of generating income. I think you are really onto something with a list like the Food Banks post. Handy reference links like that take a goodly amount of research and I think there are many pet owners wanting that type of resource info. Can’t help you with the last question at all though. You know more way more already than I do!

    • Wow, thank you so much for those kind words! I can feel my confidence level inflating! 🙂 Especially after reading your Journey and all the awards you have won this year! You have such an inspirational journey to share with others! I absolutely loved it! I am truly humbled by your comment coming from such an experienced pet blogger. Thank you Carol so much for stopping and commenting on my Journey for this year!

  • That’s awesome you have the featured snippet for “pet food banks in canada” It sounds like you’ve picked up a ton of information on how to blog in the past year. You should be proud of everything you’ve learned and accomplished in such a short period of time.

    Regarding your question. I did not know how much more lucrative the large ad networks were compared to adsense. When you hit the traffic minimums (Mediavine is 50K sessions. AdThrive is 100K pageviews) you should submit an application to join.

    The second big mistake I made was not focusing on affiliate income. I setup Amazon Associates early on, but only dropped a link here and there in my blog posts. It wasn’t until I really focused on making money with affiliates that I started to get close to a full time income blogging.

    Thanks for participating in the Pet Bloggers Journey! I hope you have a great 2021. I can’t wait to hear what you accomplished this time next year!

    • Wow, Thank you so much, Colby! It has been a constant year of learning. I never knew how Mediavine and Adthrive actually worked. I will definitely check into that! Very helpful! I did the same thing with Amazon. I think I have to re-apply since I wasn’t earning anything. I did the same only dropping a link here and there. My affiliate programs are something I need to focus more on. I may have started too soon with no traffic before. So I am definitely going to give these a try now that my traffic is flowing! Thank you so much for this advice! Again it is very humbling coming from an experienced blogger like yourself! I am already learning from everyone this year again. I cannot wait for another year to see what it may bring us all. You always do such a great job at hosting this blog hop! Thank you for including me again this year!

  • Hi, congrats on accomplishing so much in a short amount of time. I’m not sure what I would want to tell my past self about bogging. I would probably tell my past self to start a regular YouTube channel sooner and post more content there. And to jump on Pinterest sooner. All other social media has been a waste of time, for the most part.

    You asked about income, and for me it goes in this order:

    Mediavine ad rev
    Patreon (though I wouldn’t recommend this)
    Affiliate income

    Then a small amount from sponsors and ebooks.

    For you, I think continuing what you’re’ doing with good, quality content is your best best. That way you will hopefully get more pageviews and more ad rev.

    • Thank you, Lindsay! I agree I need to step up my game when it comes to Pinterest and Utube. I also have Patreon but I haven’t found much use for it. Colby mentioned Mediavine as well. It is something I may have to check into for the coming months. Again I appreciate your suggestions they really are very helpful. 🙂

  • Bren: Thank you for the wonderful comments you left with me on my 2021 pet blogging journey. The fact you are earning money from your blog is a great accomplishment in itself. I thank you for sharing about the paid wordpress plug-ins. I will have to check them out. I also want to do more freelancing, and that was one reason I started my blog back 10 years ago. Sounds like you have a pretty clear vision of what you want in 2021, and go for it.

    • Thank you so much for such kind words! I have actually gone back and read a few more posts you did after leaving the comment. You have such good writing skills that captivate your readers! Something I need to work on this year! It took a year to figure out which way I wanted to go but finally found a good strategy to accomplish what I originally started my blog for. Cheers to us this coming year! And again I cannot thank you enough for your love and dedication to the cat community.

  • Mary McAteer says:

    Such a great blog!!! As an animal lover, I love everything about your page. Thank you for sharing!!

    • Thank you so much for the kind words, Mary! Actually, I absolutely loved your post on Rediscover Yourself! It is actually such a great tip for a lot of bloggers. I appreciate your comment and stopping by to read my journey this year!

  • You give me hope! It seems you are about one year ahead of me. I’m sorry for your losses ~ it’s great you were able to focus on your blog project and that’s one beautiful dog you adopted. Sounds like another big project that worked out. From beast to love bug, that’s pawsome! Thank you for bringing to our attention about Google Analytics certification, I’ll be checking that out. Seems you are doing great things ~ I hope you have a wonderful year, Happy Blogging!


    • Thank you so much! You have such a great site for only one year! I especially love your photos and your site name! The first year is always tough. It’s constant learning or at least it was for me. So happy you were able to share your Journey with everyone this year! And I wish you a wonderful year as well 🙂 ~Happy Blogging~

  • I’m amazed you managed to generate income from your blog so quickly and also after such tragic events. Hats off! I’m impressed. All the best and a great 2021!

    • Thank you Sonia for stopping by and reading about my Journey this year! All the best this coming year to you as well. Your travel blog always is so nice and refreshing to read! Especially with all the travel restrictions. Until it is safe to travel again I definitely will be back to read some more of your adventures! Wishing you health and prosperity in 2021!

  • WOW! Congrats on all your accomplishments and the progress you’ve made in a year! So impressive!!! It’s wonderful and inspiring for a new blogger like me. Always so nice to find another Canadian blogger too! 🙂

    I would love to know more about the google analytics certification course, as well as your freelancing! It sounds awesome to be able to cover your blog expenses with paid posts.

    I would also love to work on more video content, I find it’s my weakness. Here’s to crushing goals in 2021! All the best!!!

    • Thank you so much, Cara! It is especially so nice to meet a fellow pet blogger in Canada. I was blown away by your Journey and how much you have done in only 6 months! Especially your Instagram base! Wow! That is amazing! I have been using Fiverr and Freelancer to establish some credibility/experience and blog on other topics of interest. As for Google Certification, I can suggest starting here in their skill shop. https://skillshop.exceedlms.com/student/path/2938?use_local=true. Cheers to the New Year! Wishing you all the best as well 🙂 Can’t wait to hear how this next year goes for you!! Congrats!!

  • This is great! Although not a pet owner, have been fostering for many years and love our furry four legged companions!

  • I loved the Q&A because I learned a lot even if “pets” is not the niche I am in.

  • I am so glad you were able to fix all of your SEO issues. So many people have this as a huge outstanding issue even now in 2021. I suspect the expense of problem resolution deters many.

    PS Love your dog pictures!

    • Thank you Majorie, It has been challenging but I am so glad I am on top of things and have an excellent SEO this year of 94% + Most of my traffic was organic which was a huge help on a higher SERP. Well worth the hard work!

  • What a fantastic post. Thank you for sharing your experience. When I look back to the beginning, one mistake I made was trying to focus on too many things. When I narrowed my blog’s focus to raw feeding, my traffic went up by 500% over the following 12 months. Narrowing my focus doesn’t stop me from touching on different topics, but it does help me stay in my lane (or the lane I created for my blog), making me an authority even though I’m not a veterinarian or a nutritionist and I only write about my dogs.

    • Thank you, Kimberly! I was really inspired by your journey last year and took a lot of your advice. It’s amazing to see how far you come this year! You were also my inspiration for making my first review video! I agree you’re totally right. I found a great new niche I am going to give a try this year. This has been such a great learning experience I can’t wait to kick start the new year off with a whole new direction! But staying in one lane in that niche. Until then I will keep building my PF community and see what the new year brings! Cheers to another year! I will definitely check out your books on raw feeding this year! Congrats on all your accomplishments you must be very proud!

  • Hi Bren,

    I loved reading about your journey. Your post is so energetic and upbeat it’s inspiring. Also you seemed to have done so much in a short amount to time. I am sure you will be hitting all your goals. You seem to be a natural when it comes to teaching.

    As far as making money, I have been focusing on growing the site with the goal of qualifying for a bigger ad agency. You might want to check out Mediavine’s newsletter. They offer a wealth of information and tips even if you are not a client.

    Have a great year!

    • Thank you, Bonnie and I am so glad you enjoyed it! Colby mentioned Mediavine as well so I am definitely going to check into this. I appreciate your kind words and stopping by to read my journey! 🙂 Wishing you a great year as well!

  • Congratulations on everything that you have accomplished to date on your blog. It’s great to see that you’re continuing to grow and find success in your second year! I love that you have such a focus on helping pets across the country, as a rescue mom based in Canada myself. I would love to collaborate on some fundraising efforts in the future!

    I’m definitely not an ‘experienced blogger’ which is who you aimed your question at. However, while my pet blog is less than a year old, I do have another blog that has been around for a few years now. From that, I have learned a lot that I have applied to my pet blog allowing it to grow much faster in comparison.

    One thing that I will suggest is looking at a higher-tier ad company if you’re looking at using ads on your blog. Adsense is accessible at a lower traffic level, however, the coding is bloated and known for slowing your site down. Combine that with the fact that it pays a lot less in most cases than the bigger ad companies and it doesn’t seem worth it in the bigger picture. I say this as someone who definitely ran Adsense ads on my last blog for a good 2 years…

    I would look into Monumetric, Mediavine and AdThrive. Check out their requirements, look at where you’re at and find out which you may already qualify for with your current traffic. This isn’t to say that ads are the best or only way to make money, I make more on affiliate sales and sponsored posts on my other blog, but ads can definitely add to your revenue in a positive way!

    The biggest change that I made when starting Shed Happens compared to my other blog was to put an active focus on SEO from square one. I didn’t know that much about it when I started blogging and my posts show it! Now, I am investing in courses, using valuable tools and leveraging the opportunity to rank for more phrases and draw in organic traffic. That’s traffic that isn’t going to change if you get marked as ‘spam’ on a social media platform (as Pinterest has done to many) or lose if a platform (like Google+) closes down.

    I also have a better understanding of the value of my email list both as a tool to draw traffic from loyal followers as well as an opportunity for affiliate marketing. Am I using it to its full potential? Definitely not! But that’s something that I’m working on in 2021 specifically!

    • Wow thank you, Britt, I just was contemplating the same thing. I am in the process of building another blog in my expertise/background and starting with the SEO and building followers first. I have learned a lot through my pet blogging journey and still want to pursue my passion for helping others. But I wanted to monetize a new blog just for me so I could afford to just run this one to raise funds. And work from home full time is always nice 🙂 but creating an income for myself on my new site is my other goal this year. Your comment just gave me the confidence I need now to go through with all I have been working on! I am so happy to actually know someone that is doing the same thing I have been contemplating. I just wasn’t sure if I could keep up.

      So I would be honored to collaborate with you anytime on a campaign to raise some funds for others in the future on this site!! When I saw your site I could definitely see your experience shine! You are very inspiring my blogger friend! I totally agree on the AdSense thing I think I will choose to leave that be on the new site until I build my traffic allowing my site to load faster etc. Haha, I really haven’t made much at all with this site and it does affect my performance.

      Thank you for telling me about Monumetric, I had no idea, I actually really can’t wait to dive in and read some stuff on building traffic. I just completed a second SEO course this week and a Business WordPress course as well last year. I love to learn as well. I think I too have found a much better way to affiliate market but we will see when I launch in the next coming months. I agree with my next blog I am going to focus on the loyal followers as well. You have some GREAT advice to offer and I am definitely going to be a loyal follower you can add to your list! I love the name and the look so much! Great Job and I can’t wait to see you grow like crazy this coming year! Thank you so much, my fellow Canadian Blogger Friend! I will definitely take all your advice and thank you so much for sharing your comment!!!! It really is what I needed to hear <3 🙂

  • It is great to read your journey and I love the mission of your blog. Pets can use all the help they can get. I’ve been at this 11 years or so and also blogging for others. I wish I had focused more on SEO and truly viewing my blog as a business early on. I wrote a book on the topic, and in it I laid out a business plan along with my co-author. I am glad to have a plan now because it keeps me on track with goals. Best of luck and so good to meet you here.