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What To Do If Your Dog Goes Missing

How to find a missing dog

Things you can do if your dog goes missing for fast results.

Here are some suggestions on what to do if your dog goes missing. Having your dog microchipped will make it easier to find your dog, through vet clinics and the local Humane Societies and SPCA.

  • Don’t Panic
  • Immediately contact your local lost pets search and rescue
  • Call the local Humane Society
  • Call your local vet offices
  • After you have done these walk around the neighborhood close to home. They may pick up your scent and find their way back.
  • Create a missing poster
  • Check any security footage from your home or the neighbors
  • Ask everyone you meet if they have seen your dog.
  • Don’t give up
  • Contact other rescue resources in your area and send them a picture of your dog.

Find some of the fastest-acting groups on Facebook to post your picture of your lost pet. Fortunately, I have had numerous occasions that I have found a dog and was able to reunite them with their owners this way. So please use their services. Kijiji Lost and Found Pets can be a very good source to post information as well. Also, feel free to post in our comments. We would be more than happy to direct you to the right resources.

Next Door App

If anyone isn’t familiar with the Next Door app, it’s a great network that can connect you to all your neighbors in a certain radius. I would highly recommend joining them if you have pets or want to know what is going on in your community. This way if your dog goes missing put an urgent post on your pet and a picture and everyone in the neighborhood can help or provide and security footage if needed.

Facebook Groups That Can Help You Find Your Pet


Alberta Lost Pet Locator and Rescue Society

YYC Pet Recovery – Calgary and Area

Calgary AB Lost Dogs Cats and Pets

Southern Alberta Pet Connection – Calgary and Southern Alberta

Lethbridge and Area -Lost and Found Pets

Drumheller Pet Lost and Found

Calgary Lost Pets

Lost & Found Pets Calgary and Surrounding Areas

Lost and Found Pet Red Deer

Red Deer Lost and Pound

Lost/Found Pet in Blackfalds, Lacombe, and Red Deer surrounding areas

Edmonton Lost Pets

Edmonton AB Lost Dogs, Cats and Pets

Fort McMurray Lost and Found Pets

Fort McMurray Pet Search And Rescue

Alberta SPCA – You can get the local SPCA for your area by contacting them directly.

British Columbia

Stolen and Lost Dogs British Columbia

Lost and Found Cats Dogs and Pets British Columbia


Vancouver Lost Dogs Cats and Pets

Surrey BC Lost Dogs Cats and Pets

Lost and Found Pets Okanagan

In Kamloops Lost Pets

Kelowna/Okanagan Lost and Found Pets

Vernon BC lost and found pets

Kamloops Lost and Found Pet Alerts

Revelstoke Missing Pets

Lost and Found Pet Assistance of the Golden Horseshoe

Kamloops missing pets


Manitoba Lost Dogs, Cats and Pets

Lost Pets Manitoba

Manitoba Lost Pets

Lost and Found Pets Manitoba

Stolen Missing and Exploited Pets Manitoba

Winnipeg Lost Cat Alert

BALA Brandon and Area Lost Animals

Lost and Found Pets in Winnipeg Manitoba

Thompson Manitoba Pets

New Brunswick

New Brunswick Canada Lost Dogs Cats and Pets

Lost and Found Pets Charlotte County NB

New Brunswick Lost Pet Network

Lost Dogs New Brunswick

Lost and Found Bathurst NB Canada and Area

Newfoundland and Labrador

NL Lost Pets

Newfoundland and Labrador Lost Dogs, Cats and Pets

Lost Found Cats Dogs Newfoundland and Labrador


Lost and Found Cats Dogs And Pets NWT

Nova Scotia

Lost and Found Pets of Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia SPCA

Halifax Nova Scotia Lost and Found Pets

Nova Scotia Lost Dog Network

Lost and Found Pets In Annapolis Valley NS

Lost Cat Network NS

Nova Scotia Lost Dogs Cats and Pets


Lost and Found Cats, Dogs Pets Nunavut

Iqaluit Lost and Found Pets

Elk Point And Area Lost Pets


Lost/Found/Vanished/Stolen Pets of Ontario Cold Cases

Brantford Lost and Found Pet Network

Lost Paws Inc

Helping Lost Pets Find Their Way Home Ontario

Ground Search And Rescue Kitchener Waterloo Area – Very Fast response.

Lost Pets KW Area

London Lost Pets

Kitchener Area Lost and Found Pets

Lost and Found Pets of Ontario

Lost and Found Pets Guelph and area

Guelph And Area Lost and Found Pets

Lost and Found Pets in Kitchener Waterloo Cambridge Guelph

Lost Pets of Chatam-Kent

Peterborough and Kawartha Lakes Lost Pets

Lost Pets In Niagra Region of Ontario (In honor of Cleo)

Pets Lost in Etobicoke and Toronto

Ottawa And Valley Lost Pet Network

Lost and Found Pets of Toronto – The Group

Lost and Found Pets Toronto

City of Toronto Lost Pets

Toronto Lost Dogs Cats and Pets

Lost Cats Toronto

Hamiltons Lost and Found Pets

Oshawa and Durham Region Lost Pets

Lost and Found Pets in Hamilton

Hamilton Ontario Lost Dogs Cats and Pets

Lost and Found Pets of Niagara Region Canada

Pets Lost and Found Whitby

Durham Region Lost and Found Pets

Lost and Found in Simcoe County


PEI Lost Pet Network

Lost and Found Cats, Dogs, and Pets PEI

Prince Edward Island Lost dogs cats and pets


Quebec Lost Dogs Cats and Pets

Lost Pets of Quebec

Lost and Found Pets of Quebec City

Montreal Lost Pets

Montreal Lost Dogs Cats And Pets

Lost and Found Pets West Island of Montreal Vaudreuil-Soulanges


Lost Pets Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan Lost Dogs Cats and Pets

Helping Reunite Displaced Pets of Saskatchewan

Moosejaw Lost Pets

Lost and Found Pets of Moosejaw


Whitehorse Yukon Lost and Found Pets

Tips To Help Find A Missing Dog

If you have a missing pet nothing can feel worse than not knowing where they are. I hope this article on what to do if your dog goes missing can help you organize a search. Also, remember you can post to every group and page you can.

Microchip Your Pet

Visit Cat and Dog Tips to see more great videos and tips

Make sure you Microchip your pet. If for some reason the dog loses its collar, You can rest assured that if found the microchip will help organizations or vet clinics locate you. Make sure you keep this information up to date.

If Your Dog Was Stolen

Contact your local RCMP and News. You will want to post on the social media sites in yours and other areas. Contact your local Humane Society to help. They can provide support and guidance. Call the Animal Abuse Hotline and report the incident. Stolen Pets Canada has a Facebook page you can contact. Some others that may be able to help are:

Sign the petition for harsher penalties for those that steal family pets. You can always reach out to local pages on Facebook to see if they can share your information on any lost pet. If you see something suspicious such as a lot of dogs tied up outside on heavy chains. Know how to spot dog fighting rings and how to stop them. In Ontario Please Contact OSPCA.

Another great resource from Your Dog Advisor. How to break up a dog fight safely. You never know when you may need to stop a fight in its tracks. It is a great post on what to look for and what to do.

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