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Advertising Opportunities With Pet Frenzy

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We Are Offering Advertising Opportunities With Pet Frenzy

Why Advertise With Pet Frenzy?

Advertising Opportunities with Pet Frenzy? Why advertise with Pet Frenzy? We will be able to donate a percentage of 20% back into the pet community rescue places every year. Pet Frenzy also was voted by feedspot in the Top 100 Pet Blogs of 2020

Being a new website you can guarantee to grow with us. We will reach the customers you are looking for. The ads are NOT all rotating. You will have maximum exposure to your products or services. It will be on a first-come, first-served basis.  Advertising on our blog can accommodate flat-rate pricing on a monthly or yearly basis.

If you are interested in purchasing additional months or for a longer period of time for our available ad space, please contact us directly at [email protected]

Product Review Posts

Currently, we are offering FREE post advertising to those interested in product reviews in exchange for the product. We will review the product For those who wish to sponsor a giveaway to our readers, an additional product or gift certificate is required.

Ads must be provided by you. Approved by us before placement. We can make the ad for you for an additional cost of Graphic Design. Remember your ad must be something we can offer our followers and readers that correlate to our topics and website.

We cannot accept products that are harmful to pets. Our site devotes its time to researching safe and reliable products and services for pets. Pet Frenzy focuses on positive reinforcement techniques for training.

Sponsored Blog Posts

This is a dedicated blog promoting your business or a particular product line. It will include your website and your links to your social media pages. We will promote this post on our social media pages. A post written by the sponsor may include 500 – 1000 words. Your logo, 1 image, and unlimited text links may be included.

Pet Frenzy reserves the right to edit this post for clarity and grammar. We will work with you or your representative to create a blog post that pleases both parties. This sponsored blog will remain on our site forever, making it helpful for your SEO. $50 to $250 per post if the sponsor writes the post. $100 up to $300 per post if Pet Frenzy editors write the post using the sponsor’s information. Please contact us for an accurate quote. We would be more than happy to accommodate any budget.

Ad Rates -Advertising with Pet Frenzy

Our rates are very compatible with other pet blog sites. We can work with any budget. We have Per Impression, Click or Sale options. Below will give you an outline of what we have to offer each way. We are always willing to negotiate.

Per Impression

Pay only for the impression when someone sees your ad. This cost is more affordable to new websites.

Per Click

You will pay for each click your ad receives.


We are willing to negotiate a sales percentage commission rate. You only pay us a commission on each item sold through our website.

Types Of Ads

Ads & Banners

Medium rectangle (300×250)

This type of banner ad is the most compact one out of all of these options. It doesn’t take up too much space on a web page. It performs well when it’s embedded within text content at the end of an article.

Top Image Ad: Rotating

125 X 125 image ad – static – placed just under the Pet Frenzy header. The image ad will repeat on all pages of our site and will link back to your landing page or website. All image ads are sold on a monthly basis. 

 Bottom Post Ad: Rotating

728 X 90 image ad – static – placed at the bottom of all blog posts and will link back to your landing page or website. Image ads are sold on a monthly basis. 

*Sizes May Vary

Limited Space

Pet Frenzy only has a few ad spots on our site that are not rotating. We have other options. Free links or guest posts available. Feel free to message us at any time for more information to accommodate your budget.

Submitting your Ad To Pet Frenzy

Ads can be in any format including PNG, JPEG, GIF. Ads must be approved by us before publication.

  • All links that originate from an advertisement or sponsored blog will be in compliance with Google’s guidelines and policies.
  • We only accept advertisements from businesses with products or services with some relation to dogs or cats.
  • Ads are sold on a first-come-first-served basis.
  • We reserve the right to reject any request for an advertisement on our site. If we feel the ad would not be in the best interests of our readers.

Your Article Library has some great tips on designing a great ad.

If your interested in having us design a package that suits your advertising needs. Please fill in the form below and will get back to you within 24 hours. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Please select one option to help us put together the right package for your needs.
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