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Tag: Basic Training

Basic Training Tips and Techniques using click training. Train your dog or cat basic commands such as sit and stay. We have step by step guides to help you introduce your dog to your cat. Or your cat to another cat.

Posts on common behavioral problems in dogs and cats and how to overcome them. More posts on fear aggression and socialization. Advanced tricks you can teach your dog or cat.

Although these posts revolve around dogs there are some great tips you can use for your cat as well. For instance, meet the cats behind the scenes of famous box office hits. Ever wonder how they trained them?

Clicker training is very common. Our site believes in positive reinforcement only. We try to focus on the common issues you may have as a new pet owner.

When we adopt a pet we sometimes do not know their background. Here you can find ways to deal with these issues in a positive way.

Remember they won’t know if YOU don’t teach them! It is some work but the reward is huge. Learn to bond with your new furry loved one. Building trust with patience and love.