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Why is my pet eating poop

Stop Your Pet From Eating Poop

How to stop your pet from eating poop? We have had some inquiries on suggestions regarding this topic. Although we don’t’ know why your pet is eating poop. But here are some good reasons and what to look out for.

Top Reasons Your Pet May Be Eating Poop

Lack of Protein Can Make Your Pet Eat Poop

When a pet eats poop it can be because they are lacking protein in their diet. Especially if you feed your dog a low fat and protein diet. You may need to switch things up a bit. Although some vets will disagree and agree on this.

Maternal Instincts And Eating Poop

Female pets will usually eat their offsprings poop to make sure they are healthy. Especially for females, they tend to have these tendencies more often than males.

Food Obsession Can Cause Your Pet To Eat Poop

Sometimes a pet may just be hungry. You may need to adjust their food or calorie intake. Make sure they are getting adequate enough nutrition. You can read our article on reading pet food labels for more information.

Illness And Eating Poop

Sometimes your pet can have illnesses like pica. An illness that changes the consistency or smell of the stool might make a dog want to eat his own stool. Sudden onset of coprophagia calls for a veterinary exam.

Dogs with dementia and other brain diseases have been known to start eating stool. This may be due to the confusion and disorientation caused by the disease. According to the spruce eats website.

Some Ways To Help Your Pet Stop Eating Poop

  • Pick up the feces right away. This will remove temptation.
  • Practice the leave it command in our basic training exercises.
  • Use a flavor enhancement like Accent. This will make the poop repulsive to eat. It has worked for others. Always check with your vet first.
  • Some pineapple in their meal may help. The enzyme that comes from pineapple called bromelain. Makes dog poop taste bad enough that dogs don’t want to eat it. Use fresh, not canned.
  • Switch to Higher Protein food.
  • Keep litter boxes out of reach and clean as much as you can.

Do Some Research

Doing this research I did find a site very helpful. Get some expert advice from The American Kennel Club. They suggest general topics to ask your vet and other useful information on what may be causing the behavior. Also, Your Dog Advisor has an amazing post on managing a multi-dog household. With great topics, you will also enjoy!

Ask Your Vet For Advice

I would definitely ask your vet as the first priority. To rule out any parasites or things that medically or psychologically be encouraging the behavior. Never punish your pet for this behavior. They probably don’t understand why they are doing it either. Try to be calm and assertive by distraction. Praise them when they do not try to eat the poop.

Retraining Basic Self Control Commands

You can also start retraining the basic commands to encourage self-control such as sit, stay and leave it as mentioned above. Keeping your dog stimulated with puzzle toys may help. Overall do not let them poop without your presence.

Keep Your Pets Space Free Of Poop

Try to be there so you can pick it up. If you see other dog poop on the ground. Avoid the poop and try a distraction or leave it command.

Teach Your Pet Self Control

Eventually, you will teach your dog the self-control it needs to break the habit. Again this comes with patience and time. You will find that many of the articles written by veterinarians and experts can not explain why nor can they recommend treatment for it. You may want to just try everything you can that will work best for you. Follow any case studies that may include this topic.

We hope you enjoyed the article on how to stop your pet from eating poop. I may not be able to give you the answers you’re looking for. I do hope I was able to recommend some starting points to recovery. Since there is no way we can avoid those sloppy poop kisses from our furry little friends. We may be able to prevent them from ongoing poop eating.

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