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Pro Tips to make pet sitting logo

7 Tips to Make Pet Sitting Logo Designs Pop

7 Tips to Make Pet Sitting Logo Designs Pop was sent to us by Ashley Turner.

When it comes to pet logos, there are a lot of different options in color schemes and design elements that one can choose from. Now, you might think that designing a logo for a pet business is an easy task and for the most part it might be. However, you do have to put in a lot of effort and thought into the design process. In the end, you want your logo design to stand out among the competition and be convincing enough for your target audience.

Think of it this way. As a pet sitting business owner, you want customers to think that your services are reliable and better than the other available options. How do you make this happen? Well, your logo will be the first thing that the people will notice and you need to make sure that it sends this message. The visuals should be able to tell the customers at first sight that they are making the right choice by trusting their pets with your business.  

In order to make an impact and gain the attention of the audience, you should create a logo for your business that is unique and highly appealing. Here are a few pro tips for designing a pet sitting logo that might help you get there! 

Be Clear About Your Services

There is a lot of pet sitting services out there and a good way to get consumers to pick yours is by clearly mentioning it in the logo design. For example, if you are offering a dog or cat sitting service, include that in the brand symbol as creatively as possible. Consider all the elements of design that would help the logo make a mark and then try to showcase your services either with an image or in text. 

Use Animal Imagery Strategically  

Now, animal imagery is powerful in most logos which is why you have to be strategic when using it in pet sitting brand identity designs. Add a human element with the image of a dog, cat or any other animal to give your service a humane side. For example, a silhouette of a person walking a dog in a logo design can work quite well. This will clearly show what your business is about and you will not even have to put in a tagline or descriptive text. Other than this, you can also show something witty or humorous by animating the image in your logo. 

Choose Relatable Colors and Font 

The colors and fonts in a logo are one of the most critical factors of its creation. Without the right color choice, your logo will fail to take off the ground. Similarly, if the font does not match the overall tone of the design, the desired result is not going to be achieved. In a pet sitting logo, you have the option of using bright colors or soothing pastels and even monochromatic color schemes. If you want to go for a minimalist appearance, you can also have your logo in black and white. 

For an attractive font, you can choose a straight and clear-cut one such as San Serif or get more creative with the script. Just remember that you don’t want it to become overpowering or childish. Maintain a balance with both the colors and font. 

Focus on Symmetry 

The logo becomes more appealing when there is symmetry in a few elements. Sometimes, the use of lines, boxes, or even a splash of color can make a pet sitting brand symbol appear crowded which could be confusing for the audience. The elements and characters in your pet sitting logo design should be well-spaced and not overlap or clash with each other. By making sure that everything is symmetrical and in its place, you can make the logo design engaging and versatile as well. 

Make it Scalable 

It is important for pet sitting logo graphics to be scalable because they will be displayed on various platforms. You will have the logo on a business card, flyer, and other official places. It is also going to be shared on social media and digital platforms so that more people are aware of the business. That is why the logo has to be easy to scale so that it doesn’t become completely different when resized. As a pet business owner, you do not want your logo to lose its message or imagery while being displayed in a bigger or smaller size. 

Get Feedback 

Feedback will definitely help you figure out whether the logo will work with the audience or requires further improvement. There could be a few things that you might have missed and someone might remind you to add them to the logo design. If you get input from the people around you or even those in the industry, you could have a better idea of the customer’s preferences. This will make it easier for you to come up with colors, elements, and typography that could make your pet sitting logo successful. 

Avoid Making it Too Trendy 

In the end, you want the logo for your business to become its lasting visual brand identity without needing a lot of upgrades or changes with time. This is why, the design should not be completely according to one or two trends. You see, a logo design has to be classic and something that stays relevant even after the trend has gone. For a pet sitting brand symbol, this is even more important since frequent transformations can make it difficult for the audience to associate the icon with the business. They might forget whose logo it is! 

These were some pro tips that might help you ace your pet sitting logo design. If you are able to keep some of them in mind when coming up with a design for your logo, you will find success in the market. Once you have an idea of getting the basics right, you can also work well with a professional or expert in the field. Otherwise, just start on your own and you might have an inspiring logo for your pet business. 

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