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Feral Cat

How To Make A Feral Cat Shelter

How To Help Feral Cats In The Winter

Tips To Keep In Mind

  1. The First Step is to make sure you pick up some straw not hay to place in the shelter. If you can not get straw than you can use the Styrofoam coolers to insulate the shelter.
  2. Make sure you use a Rubbermaid container big enough for one or two cats. No more than that.
  3. Do not place them directly on the ground. Raise them up a bit. This will make the cat feel safer and stay warmer.
  4. Try to pick spots out of human eyesight. Feral cats are very shy, scared and always trying to stay unnoticed.

How Can We Help Them?

You may not see a feral cat, but trust me they are there. In the KW area alone there is a large number of feral cats according to the Record. In seven years a pair of cats and their offspring can allegedly yield 420,000 cats according to a local vet.

More and more organizations are forming to help. These cats suffer and a lot of times it is not by choice. Being born feral makes them unable to adjust to a domesticated environment. Some cats are left behind when owners pass away or move. Leaving them helpless and likely to adapt to a Feral Cat Colony.

TNR prevents the night catfights. Spraying and digging. They adapt very well being released back. They are usually released free of ticks and fleas and have some protection against diseases. Most of all they won’t be reproducing and fighting over territories as much. What about aftercare.? Providing them with a safe and warm place to hide is one way to help them.

As a community, you can make a big difference and end the stigma on these cats. Educate yourself and your neighbors. If we all do our part we can help protect these innocent cats they would never be considered a nuisance, only victims of human error. Please see my Feral Cat Article and see what a Stray Cat Rescue is doing to make a difference.

Become A Responsible Pet Owner

If you do let your cat go outside, remember to have them fixed. That is part of the Feral Cat problem as well. Don’t become the problem, become a part of the solution. Make sure they are fully vaccinated as well. They will need protection from the diseases that may be contracted.

Please do not just leave your cat behind. There are so many places to go to. If you can not afford the surrender fees contact a local rescue, they may be able to help.

Most of all don’t forget about the ones that have no voice or those that were born into a feral life. They are innocent and need love just like anyone else. They try not to be a nuisance but they need our help and understanding.

Look For Local Resources

You can look locally for help. There are places that will help provide you with a shelter for any cats free of charge. The demand can be quite overwhelming. As most rescues rely on donations. So if you can afford to make them on your own that is a great way to help.

If you know of anyone caring for a colony. Please pass on these tips. In the GTA area, we have a company called Miss Dixies Food and Supply bank to help rescues. We also have the Toronto Stray Cat Rescue and KW Stray Cat Rescue. The Ontario SPCA also has a ton of resources and places to help with food and caring for a colony.

If you own a cat and can not afford to feed or purchase supplies. You can reach out to the KW Pet Food Bank. They may be able to assist you if you are in need of help.

For those that can help, these are great places to support and drop off any donations. Remember you do not have to donate money, you can still donate your time and resources. You can also help educate others. There are many things you can do to make a difference. Every little thing helps these cats.

Here are some products that I recommend if you do not have access to straw. If you want to help a local shelter you can also send gift cards to the rescue of your choice.

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