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pet bloggers social networks for 2020

Pet Bloggers Social Networks 2020

Where To Find The Best Pet Bloggers Social Networks of 2020?

Pet bloggers’ social networks in 2020 can really help grow your website community and followers. I started my pet blog as a hobby and for raising some extra money for rescues organizations. I also support new pet owners in hopes that they do not return their new pet back to the shelters.

After about 4 months of desperately searching for some great networking opportunities. I decided to do some research on this topic. Why not? Right now I find myself searching for that exact information, so why wouldn’t others be doing the same?

Because Google and other search engines have up their game in 2020. Making it harder to rank in search results. They want to help more websites to become more interactive. Joining these networks can not only help build Domain Authority but also Page Authority. Each of the groups I have found can definitely help new pet bloggers do just that!

Where do you find pet blog networks and support?

When I was looking for Pet Bloggers Social Networks in 2020. I found a lot of groups or forums. I found some very active ones. However, if you can help me and send me some in the form below. That would be great. I would love to hear about them. And possibly add them to the list.

The One’s Pet Frenzy Did Find-The support they offer

Researching for Pet Bloggers Social Networks, there were quite a few that really stood out to me. I did not put these in a rating order only in a discovery manner. They are actually active pages. Posting some great articles and building strong communities. I have interacted with most of these pages and was able to offer some insight into how they can help your pet blog grow. Some I am members and some I am not.

Facebook Groups and Pages For Pet Bloggers

These sites again I remind you are NOT in ranking order. They are a combined list I compiled from research and actual interaction of all the active pet bloggers’ social networks for 2020. Each one is different and can be a valuable resource when starting your blog or working on an existing blog.

Pet Bloggers Social Networks 2020

New Bloggers Support For Women

I love this group and I plan to spend a lot more time using the group to grow my site. I find this group the most valuable to new pet bloggers. The group is very friendly and interactive. Very fast response rate and the admin Lisa Roe keeps up on everything that is going on.

I highly recommend you apply to join the group. They do post every day on how to increase your traffic and even how to lower your bounce rate. New Pet Bloggers MUST join this group. It is a great way I found to increase your traffic. New Bloggers Support For Women Facebook Page.

The Pet Bloggers Hat

They have some great articles and more on their website I found very informative and educational. It would be worth signing up for their newsletter to keep up on the latest blogs. They have a good article for beginners called getting your blog noticed. Or Find them on their Facebook page The Bloggers Hat.

Pet Bloggers and Influencers

A fun and dedicated group of pet bloggers and influencers committed to helping each other. You can share information and links. (even affiliate links or sponsored posts or job opportunities) providing they are of benefit to the group.

It is a great group but needs more engagements. It may be something you can help with to build the members and it can offer you exposure. Kama is very responsive when you inquire and post anything. Pet Bloggers and Influencers Facebook Page.

DIY Pet Professionals Online Marketing SEO Affiliate Programs Blogging

The title is intriguing. I found the group by doing a Facebook search. I did request to join the group but have yet to hear back. There were 3 new posts in the last 30 days. It does have 2.3 K members. So it would be a great place to get some insights and marketing tips. I will update this if I am accepted I can give you a bit more information. DIY Pet Professionals Online Marketing SEO Affiliate Programs Blogging Facebook Page.

Pet Blogging For Love & Money

This is a book and blog that can share how to grow and maintain your pet blog. Bloggers and social media influencers are welcome to apply. They are very responsive and open to comments. You can jump in easily and feel welcome. Great place to network and meet fellow bloggers. Of course, some great blogging tips that can help you. Visit their Facebook page Pet Blogging For Love & Money.

Blog Paws

I also found another link that seemed to have a bit more recent stuff on them. BlogPaws News and Boost Group, I have seen good reviews and some recent posts. Most of the posts that did come up in google search were that Blog Paws were bought by PetSmart. So I reached out to see for myself. I am still waiting to hear anything.

I have Liked the page and read what they are about. They are support for pet bloggers and pet lovers. Established in 2009. If anyone has some further information I would be more than happy to add that in. I wasn’t able to find much out doing my research. Blog Paws Facebook page.

Pet Blogger Support Group

This site offers some great networking opportunities as well. You can share your blog with others. I love this group. Very good response time and lots of interaction.

They do say in bold letters: If you do not have a PET BLOG listed (publicly) on your personal Facebook profile. You will not be approved to be a member of this group. You’re definitely in the right place! Visit the Pet Blogger Support Group on Facebook.

Pet Blog Biz

This is another great site for New Pet Bloggers! They offer all kinds of blog posts on turning your blog into a business. Small but growing community of pet bloggers. Great place to learn new things and network with new professionals. The response rate is great and interactive. They can be found on Facebook Pet Blog Biz.

The Petpreneur Network

They offer bundles of advice and tips to support you through your business journey. I have applied to join. However, I do think they will be able to offer some networking and great tools to a newbie in the industry. I did really like the page. It is great if your blog is a pet business. Petpreneur Network offers online courses and mentoring to help grow your business.

Pet Biz Blogging

This was an amazing support group I found on Facebook. Nicole Ryan is very interactive with the members. She offers so many valuable tips. It really can help you develop great content for your pet blog. I would highly recommend this group if your a pet blogger.

So far I am really enjoying the group. The website is called Pet Office Plus. You can occasionally add the blogs your working on or published. Great opportunity for networking with others. Just follow the rules! Nicole has an extremely fast response rate and is always willing to help with any questions you have. I absolutely love this group. This is a must for bloggers. Pet Biz Blogging on Facebook.

Bloggers Supporting Each Other

This is a group you can join on Facebook. You can comment and posts from other bloggers. They have a website as well called BlogTools Corner. I do recommend this group it has many great posts. Friendly users. I am still new to the group but absolutely love it so far. This page is a great way to increase your traffic. Bloggers Supporting Each Other Facebook page.

Blogging Lift VIP Group

Excellent blogs and articles to solve blogging, SEO affiliate marketing, and WordPress related problems. You can self promote but you can ask questions and get a ton of great information on blogging. The site is friendly and active. So far I would say it is a great tool. Blogging Lift VIP Group.

The Bloggers Team

This is a great group to join. I have recently joined this group and they have some amazing advice to offers to any blogger. The group is friendly and very responsive. Great tips on improving your SEO and ranking. There were so many great posts that can really help your blog grow. I would definitely recommend this group. The Bloggers Team.

Blog Promotion

This group will help build your network. They do use Pinterest so for anyone that uses this a lot. It would be a great group to join. It is a platform that will help you grow traffic to your social media pages and website blogs. I would highly recommend joining this group if you want more traffic. This group does allow you to post your blog posts. However, It will be removed if it is spammy. Blog Promotion.

Blogging and Promotion

This is a great group to increase your traffic. I am new to the group but you can submit your blogs, tips, and links. NO spam or bots allowed. They have a friendly atmosphere to network with others. Blogging and Promotion.

The Cat Blogosphere

For Cat Blogs you can visit their Facebook page and participate in their Cat Blog Hop. Great place to meet fellow cat bloggers. Great place to network.

Pet Frenzy Community

Community support through small business posts, product reviews to give them more exposure. Committed to helping Pet Bloggers find resources and information on starting a pet blog. Tips to help you with WordPress when writing a blog.

We accept guest blogging on many of our topics to help you grow your blog. We will share your posts on our social media pages. All you need to do is send them to us on Facebook or Twitter pages. Voted by FeedSpot in the Top 100 Pet Blogs for 2020. FeedSpot is another great resource for Pet Bloggers to explore.

Blogging Ray

This site has listed more valuable resources for bloggers you may want to check out. Great list to find Facebook groups and Digital Marketers.

Puppy In Training

Puppy In Training has organized a Pet Bloggers Journey which begins on January 20, 2020. Ten blogging questions to reflect back on the past and look forward to the future. I highly recommend reading them or even participating if you can. Great resource for pet bloggers to learn how to overcome some of the same obstacles as other bloggers.

Fear Free Blogging (TM) Community

Fear Free Blogging Community is also a Pet Blogging Community I recently found on Facebook. Their primary focus is on SEO and Pinterest but all sorts of content. The group has a very positive vibe. It is a community meant to build each other up. Which can really help when it comes to building confidence to move forward. I highly recommend this group as well.

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I really think Pet Blogging Support and Networks are a must when you’re just starting out. You can learn what others are doing to improve their rank and ideas on new posts. I am finding that almost everyone I have met through the networks have been so helpful and friendly. The managers of the groups have been great at keeping any negativity away from the pages. I can honestly say I absolutely love each and every one of them. Definitely some great support to start your blogging journey.

If We Left You Out Or Need To Change The Details

If anyone was forgotten or would like to be added to the Pet Bloggers Social Networks 2020 I would be more than happy to correct the information or update the post. I am always looking for networks and communities that evolve around our pets. I can not say anything bad about any of these and so my readers know I am not affiliated in any way except maybe a group member.

All of these groups are fantastic and active. I would highly recommend joining them or following them on Facebook.

We do offer to advertise on our site but this is a post I chose to do on my own. I wanted to have a post with all the Pet Bloggers Social Networks of 2020 out there that can offer newbie and expert support. It may just be helpful to someone that needs more exposure or advice.

Pet Frenzy did not get paid any amount of money to do the post. We did this through our own research and being members of certain groups and pages.

We hope you enjoyed this article on Pet Bloggers Social Networks 2020. Please be sure to check out our new section for more valuable tips and resources.

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