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We Want To Hear Your Story!

Send us a picture of your Rescued Furry Friend. Make sure to give us details on your pet’s story. You can send us more than one picture. Please try to keep it fairly short. We will publish your story and pictures of your pet in our next featured blog. And our newsletter as well. Here is an example: ( This can be a dog, cat, turtle as long as it has 4 legs…exception of birds they have 2)

Our Rescue Pup, Jasmine

Jasmine’s Story

We rescued Jasmine in February of 2019 from our local Humane Society. She was 94 lbs and 10 months old when we got her. Now she is 145 lbs and still growing. We didn’t have any background on her. They didn’t know much about her. We did know that she was a very large Perra Presa Canario.

She had severe fear aggression when we first got her home. I started click training her to teach her the basic commands. Sit, Stay, Down. With the help of a professional trainer. We were able to rehabilitate her. It took alot of love an patience.

Having a powerful breed like her. The click training helped her overcome her anxiety when she first came to our home. She was scared of everything. But with love an understanding we were able to build her confidence. Help her make the right choices. And we could never be happier.

It had been 2 years since we lost our other dogs. I never thought I could bond like that again with another dog. I was so wrong. So when I tell people about my rescue. I make sure to tell them. She rescued us too. I would do it all over again in a heartbeat.

This is just an example of one. So if you have a story, We would love to hear from you.

If your story is chosen. We will contact you through email. You will need to submit a photo release form before we can publish your story. You can also download the form below and attach it to your email when submitting through email. We will send you a confirmation email with details on the terms and conditions.

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2 Replies to “We Are Looking for Rescue Stories”

  1. Jacqulynn Siddall says:

    Here is our story with Simba.
    Our little Orange tabby firecracker, Simba was born in a barn. He was found by my boyfriend while he was at his grandparents farm. When he found him he was a small fragile one week old kitten who had a large infection in his left eye. He had called family members reaching out to see what he should do. So he left Simba in the barn to see if his mother would come back. Several hours later when going back to the farm and checking to see if he was there, that was when we decided to take on the challenge of caring for a one week old kitten and keep him. Going to see a local rescue person that is a close family friend she gave us advice on how to help him get the infection out of his eye and how to care for him. We used a clean warm cloth to clean his eye and used polysporin to help clear his infection for a week or so to clear up his eye. We syringe fed him KMR until we could find a bottle nipple that the kitten didn’t fuss about. At 5 to 6 weeks of age, we started trying to introduce wet kitten food. It was a few day struggle of getting him used to trying to eat watered down wet kitten food but continued on giving him KMR as well and slowly trying to wean him off that… Trying to teach him to drink water has been difficult. I had to start watering down his KMR to keep the color of KMR but getting him used to the taste or lack of taste of water. With his adjustment to food and our adjustment to feeding a new little kitten he did end up starting with a problem with having a poop but with an over night Vet visit and putting him on laxatives he has been much better. After 3 weeks of taking laxatives twice a day we are now down to once a day and hopefully fully laxative free by 3 to 3 1/2 months of age. Our Simba is now a week away from being 3 months old and if we hadn’t have gone to the farm and brought him home, Mister Simba wouldn’t have survived abandoned by his mom because of an eye infection that made him sickly.

    1. What an amazing story. This is so valuable to others. Thank you for saving Simba and sharing your story with us. Please feel free to email us a picture or pictures. We really like your story. And Great Job!! You saved a life! It is people like you that make a big differnce! Keep up the fantastic work with Simba!

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