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Create a Newsletter In WordPress

Creating A Newsletter In WordPress

Getting Started

This is a beginner Guide To Creating A Newsletter In WordPress. An easy way to get started on creating your first newsletter. I use the MailPoet plugin because it is simple and will send the newsletter out as often as I choose. However, I am using the Free Version but it is perfect when you have under 1000 subscribers. Or just starting out.

As for creating forms I still highly recommend you use the WPForms featured in my other article on How To Create Signature Forms In WP

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Also, you will need to install the plugin from your WordPress site. Activate your new plugin. You will now want to set up your settings in MailPoet. There are two ways you can access the settings. From the sidebar in your WP or through the plugin Settings.

Set up Newsletters and Welcome emails
Welcome screen to set up your Newsletter

Start Creating A Newsletter In WordPress

Great Visual on setting up your Newsletter

When using MailPoet and you have chosen to set up a newsletter you will find some templates they have available. You can choose a blank one if you like. However, I find it much easier to use the templates. That way you can get a feel for what others may doing to keep the audience’s attention.

Pet Frenzy Newsletter January 2020
Example of the first part of my January Newsletter using a template Drag and Drop Features
Pet Frenzy Newsletter
Complete Newsletter when finished

As you can see there are many options for the layout on the editing screen. So go to your sidebar and select Emails. You will see the tab for Newsletter. You want to add a new one.

Add new newsletter
I like to add a new one for each month But I did save my newsletter as a template to use in the future.

Choosing A Template

Templates for your newletter
Choose a Template you would like to use or a blank one
newsletter templates
Use the tools on the left-hand side to edit your newsletter to what you want.

Make sure you use the preview tab to view your newsletter. You can also send a test to your email. This gives you an idea of what it will look like in Mobile or Desktop versions.

Make any changes after you have done the preview and then save

Once you are done and have saved your newsletter then go to the NEXT screen. This will help you set up when you want to send your newsletter.

You will want to fill in the information and add a scheduled time you would like this to send.


You are now on your way to sending your newsletter out to your lists. When you get a subscriber it will automatically add them to lists. You can separate your list so that only certain subscribers get your newsletter or all of them. You will get a notification email when you get a new subscriber.

I highly recommend this plugin if your new to WP and have under 1000 -2000 subscribers. You can always upgrade when you have enough subscribers. I have the link below and if you do upgrade we may receive a commission if you were to use the links provided.

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