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Things to Consider When Getting a New Dog


There are a lot of things to consider when getting a new dog. Is my house big enough for instance, will I have to move? Can I be sure this won’t affect my little furry friend? You must have some sort of security for your pet. Can I have a dog where I am living? Barking, noise, and neighbors are also a thing to consider.

The last thing you want is a noise complaint or problems with your neighbors. A secure back yard or play area for your new dog. However, there are dog parks you can go to or rent space. Above all its ultimately up to you to make those choices you need.


How much time a day will I spend with my dog training? Do you have time? Will you make time? Am I able to be patient and loving and put their needs first before laying on the couch after work to relax.

What kind of dog training will I be able to do? You can actually teach yourself training the different techniques used to train your dog. For Instance online learning and video’s from others. Or you can hire a repeatable trainer in your area.

We would roughly spend $60 – $120 dollars a week. When you hire a trainer, they aren’t going to do the work for you! They are going to show you once, and guide you to do the rest. It’s very important not to think someone else is going to do all the work for you. You will be in for a big surprise.


How much time a day will you spend exercising your dog? A few walks a week, once a day? You should always make a time where it is just your dog and you, whether it be a walk, playing or training. This is a must. Take a look at your exercise schedule now and ask yourself if you have room for a partner.


Am I financially ready to take on this responsibility? Having a dog can be very costly we spend roughly $300.00 on our dog’s needs plus we have also opted for pet insurance this time. So add on more to that. We never had insurance in the past and trust me, you will need it in their senior or puppy years. That I can promise. How much will it cost to feed your new dog each month?

It cost us roughly $10,000 plus a year for two dogs in their final few years. If we would have got insurance their final years it would have cost us less than half of that. Do your research on your dog’s pet insurance. It’s worth it.

Prepare for Accidents

Also, be prepared to handle accidents. The best way is prevention. Or maybe getting your new dog pet insurance. However, sometimes things don’t work out the way we planned. Your puppy may swallow a toy, your senior may fall downstairs and break a leg. So much can happen that we don’t plan for. I would suggest having a Plan B always on hand. You may also want to put your new dog in your will if you have one. For instance, what will happen if your dog outlives you?

How much time and money can you spend on grooming? The breed you want may need constant grooming monthly or weekly depending on the breed. Some just need a simple groom, others more. This depends on the breed.

Other Considerations

Do you need a dog good with children, other pets and your plan for introduction and supervision?

Do I travel a lot and will I be able to travel with my new friend? Where will they go when I do go on vacation?

Check your municipality to make sure you’re allowed to have that specific breed in an area. For example, Ontario still has a pit bull ban.

Am I allergic to dogs? Is my house puppy or dog proof? They are just like small kids, they will get into things. Do I have enough toys and things to keep them busy? Puzzle feeders are great toys to keep a dog busy.

These are just some things you may want to ask yourself before taking the leap of faith. Especially if you’re going to get a rescue dog. They have already been abandoned once or more. Don’t let them down and learn to adjust to their needs. It will be worth it in the long run. Not just for the dog but you will feel proud of yourself for keeping that love and commitment to your furry friend. The rewards are endless!

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