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Keeping You and Your Dog Active

FitBark Dog Activity Monitor
FitBark is one option to keep in shape together!

You and Your Dog’s Health

Keeping yourself healthy at the same time as your pet does wonders for each of you! I know I can honestly say that since they can motivate us to get out there and be active. It’s like having a little furry work our partner. Even if you’re just getting out taking a walk around your neighborhood. Not only is this good for socializing your dog, but it’s also good for you! Here are some great ways you can get some exercise with your pet. Your dog will love the one on one time with you!

What If Your Dog Has Mobility Issues?

This may be something that may interest any of you that have a dog with limited mobility. You will not believe the before and after videos. You can find out more from their website called Winpro blood protein supplements.

Play Ball And Fetch With Your Dog

I found when I would throw the ball and race my dog to the ball. It was a whole new game for her! She loved the competition. We had a lot more fun than standing there and throwing the ball. Mind you my dog was much faster by all means. And when I needed to take a break, she would keep on fetching. Never knowing when I was going to run too. It actually kept her more focused for longer.

Go For A Bike Ride

I would highly recommend never tying your dog to the bike. Find a good path away from distractions and cliffs. Take a slow-paced ride with your little friend running beside you. Make sure they in no harm’s way of other traffic. I have seen bikers get hurt when they use a leash so be very careful.

Tug Of War

Play tug a war with your pet. Be careful not to pull too hard. You want to let them win once in a while to build confidence. Do a light jog and have them pull on beside you or behind you. Throw the rope or toy and race your dog towards it. Keep them interested. You can get rope to help them in the back yard if you have a strong tree. Mine used to play with it for hours on end.

Go For A Jog

Running can be a great exercise with your dog. Do keep in mind the temperature out there. The pavement could be too hot or the temperature can be too cold. Always keep them in mind when planning your run. You can also go to a field and do sprint exercises. Throwing the toys and racing your dog towards the toy is another great way to get some cardio in.

Take A Hike

This is a great time to spend with your pet. You can find a great safe trail to explore. Climb or find some stairs to practice your sprinting skills. Long Stairs and walks are a great time for bonding as well. I would suggest keeping them on a leash if your in a place where there is a lot of wild animals. Some may run off on ascent and others may become prey. Keep them safe.

Take A Walk

Did you know that dog owners walked about 20 minutes more every day—and took 2,760 additional steps—compared to people who didn’t have a canine companion at home?  – According to Health .com They have some really good articles on the site as well. Canines don’t burn many calories walking, for example, a slow walk for an hour a day will only burn approximately a low average of 64 calories per 1-hour walk. Assuming the dog only weighed 20 lb. The CalorieCount website estimates you’ll burn about 204 calories per hour of dog walking, assuming you weigh about 150 pounds

Explore Together

I know in Ontario there is a great site you can go to. It’s all pet-friendly places to visit with your pet. They do update the website often, however, be sure to call ahead to make sure pets are still welcome.


You and your dog could use a day or two escaping the heat on a pet-friendly beach. Swimming can be fun for both of you. Depending on the intensity you plan to endure. You may want to get a life jacket in case your friend gets tired. He will never sink. You can get to your pet on time if needed. Throwing a toy into a lake or pond, be aware of dangers such as broken glass under the water if on a riverbank. Always check your surroundings to make sure they are safe for you and your pet.

Pet Obesity Infographic

FitBark Collar or Other Fitness Collar’s

FitBark Dog Activity Monitor

I did find Fit bark a great product to monitor your pet’s fitness level and sleep levels. There are products out there that can also count calories as well. Something worth checking into. This is especially helpful if your working and gone for long periods of time. It will also help you determine when your pet is tired or needing vet attention. With Technology growing, we have the opportunities to understand their needs much better.

If you want to reply with some exercise routines you do with your pet. We would love to hear from you below. Or you can check out our Guest Blogger Page for information on submitting your pet blog on a similar topic.

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