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Cats Can Sleep Anywhere

Have you ever noticed your cats can sleep anywhere? Even in the strangest places! If you love cute sleeping cats you must see the BoredPanda website has over 247 Pictures of cats sleeping anywhere. Food dishes, shoes, cupboards, sinks, under a leaf you name it. Cats are so very cute and unique in different ways. But some of the behaviors come from instinct.

cat sleeping in a bowl

Fun Things I Found Out About Cats!

Wild cats, for instance, have a lot of behaviors that our furry little house cats carry on naturally. For instance, wild cats roam around and never sleep in the same place to avoid predators and detection. Cats also sleep in different places to claim territory or sometimes just find a safe place to take a short nap.

Applied Animal Behavior Science surveyed 1,177 cats by 550 Owners and they found that cats The average cat could use 34 m2 of the living space and had five different resting places, however, the owner’s bed being the favorite in 52% of the cases.

The five different resting places I discovered most common:

  1. The bed or a bed which could be a previously marked territory already
  2. Warm or small spaces away from any breeze or draft
  3. Far away from food sources like dishes or litter boxes
  4. Quiet place or hidden for uninterrupted sleep
  5. Objects like boxes

1. The Bed

2. Warm or small spaces away from any breeze or draft

3. Far away from food sources like dishes or litter boxes

4. Quiet place or hidden for uninterrupted sleep

5. Of Course! The Box

cat in a box

Very Rarely You May See A Bit Of This

They also can sleep in many different positions

Is Your Cat Sleeping Too Much or Not Enough?

Cats don’t sleep much more than dogs, according to Nicholas Dodman, director of the Animal Behavior Clinic at the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine.  Cats might sleep as much as a baby or a young child. It is important to recognize that there is a difference between catnapping and being asleep or even if your cat could be sleeping too much.

Cats with hyperthyroidism or hypertension may sleep less than normal. They also tend to be more active than usual. In both cases, cats may become very vocal at night, loud enough to wake their owners. Cats infected with (FIV) feline immunodeficiency virus will often sleep much less as well.

If you notice your cat is sleeping more or less than usual, talk to your veterinarian early enough to intervene with any serious issues. Your cat could have something simple as a toothache to heart disease and kidney issues. It is best to get professional advice if you notice any unusual patterns.

Why Does My Cat Keep Me Up All Night

Now, this could be another story. There are many reasons your sweet precious kitty isn’t on the same sleep schedule as you. If you notice your cat is being very loud or hyper at night. Some things such as these can be causing the behavior and here are some suggestions on how to possibly fix them:

  1. It may not be getting enough stimulation or physical exercise during its active times throughout the day. When you’re starting to fall asleep, your cat may be fully awake and they want to play with you. Play with your cat a few hours before bedtime each night. If your cat spends most of its active time home alone while you’re at work, it may be bored and looking for attention or just cuddle time.
  2. Your kitty is hungry, thirsty, or wants a treat. Make sure you keep track of your cat’s weight and the amount of food and water you are giving them each day. You may want to feed them a half hour before playtime each night. They can then cuddle up to you with a full tummy and ready to rest.
  3. Your cat’s litter tray may be full or need cleaning. Cats can be very demanding. Keep their spaces clean, dishes washed and their litter box should be cleaned each day. Wash the tray out every few days to a week to keep from odors building up.
  4. If nothing is working and your cat’s noises or scratching at the door keeps you awake, use swimmers’ earplugs, which effectively seal the ear canal and should give you some relief for the night. Sometimes you have to ignore your cat to teach them that behavior will not get them the attention they want.
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In their natural habitats, just like larger cats are nocturnal creatures. They sleep almost all day and play or hunt all night. Anyone that has a cat in their life can agree they are very much similar to the big guys!.

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  • what a cute post! i love this! my dog is exactly the same any box or hole she wants to sleep in it. This is such a great post, just what i needed on a monday morning! iemexploring xx

    • thank you so much for the kind words. I am so glad you enjoyed the post and I managed to give you some comfort this Monday! Your dog sounds absolutely adorable! Some dogs do things similar to cats which always so funny and cute at the same time! Our beagle use to dig a big hole and then lie in it. We never could figure out that cork. haha. 🙂

  • It’s been several years since we’ve had a cat due to a child with an allergy, but I love cats and how they will just sleep anywhere! I do miss having cat!

  • Aww! My heart is melting while watching photos in this article. So lovely, so cute! Thank you for sharing 🙂

  • Bhagyashree says:

    I am hardcore cat lover and enjoyed this alot. I too have a small kitten and she literally hets on my nerves some days as you wrote keep awake at night.

  • What a great post!! I have 3 cats and I love them!! They are so funny especially when sleeping!! Great photos as well!!

  • This was honestly such a joy to read! My cat sleeps inside the lining of my mattress…. kind of annoying he just took it all apart, but he’s just so cute hahah

    • Thank you Supal, I am so glad you enjoyed the post! Your cat sounds so adorable… they are such troublemakers at times but hard not to adore and love!

  • I have four cats and it is true they will sleep anywhere, and in odd positions as well. The kittens more so than the adults I guess they get picky as they get older.

    • That is fantastic! 4 Cats that is so awesome to hear. I bet they all have a place they prefer! I agree they do get pickier as they get older!