Why did we start Pet Frenzy Blog Community

I started this page in hopes to build a large community of animal and pet lovers. I was blessed by many dogs and cats in my life. When I tried to find one “go-to” site I could rely on, I couldn’t find one. I had a million tabs open on my desktop. Trying to find advice, help or reviews on products. I wanted to build a site I could find all my answers on.

I can’t stress the importance of us as a community to come together. Share our experiences and reviews to make the right choices for our furry loved ones. Like finding trainers and advice for newly rescued dogs. Fighting for our little furry friend’s rights and general awareness. It’s hard to know where to start sometimes. Or how to help!

What our site is about

It may seem all about dogs at this point. I have actively been involved in some of the feral cat programs. We helped rescue a lot of kittens this year. I do hope that maybe this page will help you find the organizations to help. There is a lot available in our area. They need our community support to help them.

You will also find training techniques, for instance, cat care, dog care and reviews on some of the products I have used.

I feel that this may be used as a valuable resource for new pet owners. Experienced ones as well. Please check out my other blogs on training your new rescue and what to expect.

Please feel free to contact me

Feel free to contact me if you’re interested in starting a review of a product you have bought. It will help others find what they need. As long as you love animals you one of our people! Contributors welcome.

Time spent with an animal is never time wasted!

We’re proud to be a part of the community, serving friends and neighbors — whether they have two legs, or four.

Our community share one priority: Providing the most knowledge and the best care and choices we can make for our furry little friends. The best products, advice and training tips. Please feel free to leave us a message, contribution or reviews on products and more. We would love to answer any questions you may have.