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Including Your Pet In Your Will

How to include your pet in your Will and Testimate

Ever wondered how to include your pets in your Will? We all don’t like to think of these topics but they are so important. Although, our pets considered family. We tend to forget about their needs if anything should happen and your pets outlive you. Therefore, I have put together this post to help organize and implement a plan if that time came.

Pet Trust Fund

A pet trust fund can come in very handy to ensure your pet’s medical and expenses are taken care of. Speaking to your lawyer is a great start to make any changes you may need. Furthermore, As you can see from the picture below. It’s very expensive to provide proper care for family pets.

The cost of owning a dog is 42k and up the. Cost for a cat is 30 k and up. CNBC Make it poster
Source: CNBC Make it

Legal Wills Canada can provide a good start to creating a will of your own if you have not done so. It is a website that helped me organize myself to update my will. Your pets trust should appear in your Will, I used Jasmine my dog in the form of a legal clause something like this:

Gift of Care of Jasmine: Pet/Animal

This gift shall carry a sum of money as a bequest payable to Pet Frenzy PROVIDED THAT (My Trusted Person) looks after my Perro de Presa Canario, named Jasmine, free of tax for Jasmine’s upkeep and maintenance (hereinafter called “Jasmine’s fund”). If this person is unable or unwilling to act for any reason, then Jasmine’s fund should be paid to (Second Trusted Person) PROVIDED THAT (Second Trusted Person)serves in place of (First Choice Trusted Person).

The amount of Jasmine’s fund is to be calculated on the basis of Jasmine’s age at the date of my death, on the assumption that Jasmine’s life expectancy is 16 years of age and that the average annual cost of Jasmine’s upkeep and maintenance is $1000 Canadian dollars. Jasmine’s fund will, therefore, be an amount calculated by multiplying the sum of $1000 Canadian dollars by the number of full years and full months between the date of my death and April 14, 2030. In the event that Jasmine has died at the date of my death then this gift shall fail. (Source from Legalwills.ca)

Can I Leave My Pet Something From My Estate

Canadian law, states that a pet is considered a piece of property. As a result, your not allowed to leave any part of your estate to them. However, what you can do is leave a sum of money to a specific person. Be sure to allocate that this money must be used for the care of your pets. You can also ask that person to become the guardian or carer of that pet, Depending on your situation.

Set Up A Pet Provision

By leaving money to an individual for the care of your pet, You will have no control over how that money is spent. The person who receives the money could spend it all on themselves. Not caring for the pet at all. By setting up a pet provision within your Will, you can ensure that the money is only used only for the purpose of caring for your furry loved ones. You can leave a separate bequest to the carer. This is done as an entirely separate, According to Tim Huson the President and CEO of the LegalWills website.

How To Choose The Right Caregiver

When choosing a caregiver(s), consider partners, adult children, parents, brothers, sisters, and friends who have met your pet. Make sure they have cared for pets themselves. Also, it is so important to name an alternate caregiver. In case your first choice becomes unable to.

Discuss your expectations with potential caregivers so that they understand the large responsibility of caring for your pet(s). Remember, the new owner will have full control over furry loved one’s care, including veterinary treatment and euthanasia. Choose a person you trust completely and who will do what is in the best interests of your pet(s).

I would recommend getting pet insurance on your pets. keeping the payments included in your plan if you have that in place. You should also have a few choices. In case your chosen caregiver can not take responsibility. Or have the means to house your pet properly.

Include a personal letter

Another thing you can consider is leaving a personal letter about your pet. You can help by listing things such as behavior corks. How often you play or walk your pet. It’s favorite toys or blankets. You should give them to your selected trusted person to help in a situation where your pet outlives you. Maybe your dog has allergies or fears. Knowing your dog will be cared for in the way you would do help. It can give us such peace of mind.

Resources that can help you

Why I Chose to write about this

I recently was asked by a family member to be that trusted person. And I was so honored to have someone ask me to put their little love of their life in my hands if something should ever happen to them. Anyone that knows me and my family, can see we provide the best care possible for our four-legged buddies. Furthermore, they know I would do the same for them if asked. I did forget one thing though! Our little Jasmine. Something I am working on myself. We never had Jasmine when I did my will so that is something I needed to do! Update my will!

I realized that others may have done the same thing. That is what I love about my job blogging. I love to help others make the best choices they can to provide the best care possible for their pets. So please feel free to leave any comments that may help others in this discussion.

One more thing

I am not in any way a lawyer or paralegal to offer you advice. You will need to speak with the proper professionals to help you any further. This is only providing a base outline for you to consider. Especially if your doing a will and have family pets in the home. The websites I have listed provided me with the basic information to help me and I wanted to share that with my readers! I do recommend trying the free legal will online. They even have a covid and living will you can download for free.

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  • Interesting read. I had no idea that this was an option. I’m in the US but it gives a good point of reference to know where to start anyway.

    • Thank you, Lisa, for stopping in. I am glad you enjoyed the read. I know if you own property other places outside your jurisdiction. The testator can prepare a Will in the form prescribed for an International Will. A properly prepared International Will is then recognized as valid in any other state or nation. I am not sure about the laws in the USA. But I am glad I was able to give you some helpful guidelines.

  • These are some great suggestions! We have three dogs, so we need to make sure that we choose a caregiver who is willing to take on all of that responsibility. I agree that pet insurance is also a must!

    • Thank you so much, Rachel, for stopping by. I appreciate the kind words! I am glad I was able to help. Wow, three dogs that’s fantastic. They must keep you very busy!

  • Love it. So many people forget about their pets and they end up in shelters. Great information!

    • Thank you, Kim, for the kind words, I am so glad you liked it. That is exactly what I am hoping for with the contents of my site, that fewer pets end up in shelters.