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Canna-Pet Hemp Nutrition

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Canna-Biscuits for Dogs

Canna-Biscuits are organic dog treats available in a number of dog-friendly flavors, all of which include our Canna-Pet® formula made from hemp. Rich in hemp without any psychoactive effects. Check out our treats for Dogs.

Canna-Pet® for Dogs

Because of significant size and weight differences, our canine companions enjoy a number of different products including oil for dogs. In addition to our selection of Canna-Pet® Advanced Small and Advanced Large capsules, we offer Canna-Biscuits for dogs and our capsules and Oil Liquid.

Canna-Pet® for Cats

Our furry feline friends only require one daily Canna-Pet® Advanced Small capsule. Canna-Pet® is a hemp product you can administer with confidence. Some cats thrive on our capsules, which have the highest levels available.


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