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Caring For Your New Cat

Here are some great starter points on Caring for your new cat. Make sure they have proper nutrition. I have a great article you can read on how to read pet food labels you may enjoy.


Make sure your cat has a balanced diet. You should also have wellness done once a year. Make sure they do not have a urinary or kidney problem that may require a prescription diet. You should always consult with a vet on what is best for your pet. Furthermore, take note of the ingredients in the food or treats.

Keep Them Hydrated

Make sure you have fresh water available. If not they may look for water in the toilet. Older cats may forget to drink water regularly. You can add water to their food, Or Consider giving them some wet food in their diet. Purchase a pet fountain. Especially if your cat will be left alone for long periods of time.


Keep your cat busy. I suggest taking some time out of each day for some playtime. Your cat even as it grows older will need to keep their joints moving. Try a bit of stimulation as well. I suggest click training for your cat. Mainly because it does stimulate the mind of a cat. Naturally, they are curious. You will just need a whole lot of patience and love. They will be glad just to have your direct attention. Click training can help with unwanted behavior and anxiety issues.

Interact with your cat in ways you never thought possible.


Cats will clean themselves. Try getting a soft brush. It will help them feel comfortable as they get older. Keeping their litter-box in top shape is important to your cat’s health as well. Scratch posts will help keep their nails groomed. Not your furniture.

Comfortable Resting Spaces

Having a comfortable bed for your cat is important. Get to know where their favorite spot is. Keep the area clean and tidy. Here is some I would suggest. You can easily buy them on Amazon or your local pet store. You can also read our story on a rescue cat named charcoal. How to introduce your cat to another cat. As well as bringing home a new cat.

Here are some links to the products I have mentioned above.

Caring for your new cat and training

To help with clicker training, I added in a link below. You will find lots of information on how to train your cat.

Interact with your cat in ways you never thought possible.
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